Radix Forerunners

We are the Forerunners 
We came before Xi'an and before Babylon but we will be here until the end.
Custom NFT Avatars on Radix

There will be others who come later but these are the original inhabitants of the Radix universe.


Radix Forerunners is a collection of 750 3D avatars that are custom NFTs made to look like you and will be marked with a Radix tattoo (more about that later). They can be uploaded to the virtual world of your choice to indicate that you were part of the founding network.

All the Details

Q: Is it artwork?

A: Yes and no! It's an NFT with some utility! You won't need to publish your NFT in a meta art gallery; the avatar is the art and everywhere you go in the metaverse you will be seen as one of the Forerunners who helped establish the original Radix community.


Q: What am I buying?

A: You are buying the reservation token (FRNR) for a custom made 3D avatar that is fully rigged (able to be animated, movements at the joints etc). Think of it as a custom NFT that looks like you (1 of a kind) and is part of the original collection of 3D avatars on Radix. You will be able to use that avatar on any platform you like.


Q: Where will it be stored?

A: We are watching the development of Radix and are really excited about Dan's demo for storing music videos on chain. Ideally it will be hosted there but if not then we will look at other options. 


Q: How do I buy and when do I get the avatar?

A: Like most of the other NFTs, this will be a reservation system with the final NFTs going live at Babylon launch in roughly Q1 of 2023. We are using the reservation system created by Cpt Moose and his team to manage the reservations.


Q: What will be the minting cost for the NFT?

A: The ForeRunner team will be paying for the minting cost of the NFT. Token holders will not have to pay anything.


Q:What format are they in?

A: The metaverse is quickly evolving so we will look to provide the avatars in the format that is most relevant come next year, however, we build them in Character Creator 3D and NVIDIA's iray renderer but can convert them fairly easily.


Q: What is the Radix tattoo you mentioned?

A: Each avatar will have a tattoo to identify it as a Forerunner Avatar. We will be putting forward some ideas but will also allow holders of the reservation token to submit ideas as well. Here is one of the ideas that my 16 year old daughter did when I asked her to create something that made Radix seem old (she is very into nature). We will be looking for the community to submit recommendations!


Not all the tattoos have to be the same and we are happy to put a custom tattoo on yours. No Tyson tattoos!


Q: Does it have to be my own avatar or can I look like someone else?

A: We aren't doing any KYC and don't mind if you create your avatars  that resemble someone else. However, we do need real life, high quality, images of the person we are creating so no drawings or references to poor images online.


Q: Can you make me look like a furry, alien, or something from dungeons and dragons?

A: No. All the characters need to be standard humans.


Q: What can we customize?

A: You can customize any jewelry, clothing,  and tattoos that you like. We prefer to work from pictures but if you want something unique then lets chat. IE we can make something like the Olympia jacket but with your project logo on the back..


Q: Who are we?

A: We are a group of artists and nerds who are radix fanatics. The face of our project is Anastasia and is active on the Radix telegram channels.


Q: What are the commercial rights?

A: You can do whatever you want with the images and 3D models.


Q: How do I buy them?

A: We are working with Cpt Moose and his team to implement their new reservation system. You will send 400 XRD to the below address and we will send a single FRNR token back to you which will have a unique reservation ID in the text field…you will need the reservation ID to get started.


Q: How do I submit pictures and talk about customizing  my avatar?

A: All details for the avatar need to be submitted via email with the unique reservation ID in the subject line of the email. This will include high quality pictures and any custom details, tattoos etc.


Q: Can I claim that I was  one of the founding investors and create a tattoo that says that?

A: The value of the Forerunner Avatars is to accurately portray that you were part of Radix in the beginning so for those asking for unique tattoos, icons, or logos then we will be doing a little bit of due diligence to make sure that they are accurate. The method is still being decided upon but we imagine using the radix collection badges as proof that you were involved in different releases etc so make sure you link your wallets to th RC collection.


Q: Why isn't the avatar of Piers a higher resolution, more texturing, etc?

A: We used screenshots from the AMA podcasts to create the avatar which were not that high quality, or the correct position, and he always has headphones on! The images we need for your avatar need to be higher quality. I imagine we will repost that image once Piers submits higher resolution pics. See below for examples of what we need for each of your avatars.



Q: Is the Forerunners project willing to partner with other projects?

A: Let's talk! Email anastasia@forerunners-xrd.com


How to Buy

Instructions  to buy an avatar

  1. Send payment to: rdx1qspmg48sycszq5q78npr42tsrge6lrwfckngq6scrpstpd35nthtuwq4a8mk0

  2. You will promptly get a FRNR token back (give it half a day)  with a unique identifier in the message. Keep it handy.

    1. If you accidently send the wrong amount, we will process the refund. No need to email/or PM. Moose's system does a great job keeping track of who pays what and who needs a refund but refunds are manual and will take a few days.

  3. Send an email to: avatars@forerunners-xrd.com

    1. Include your unique NFT identifier in the subject line of the email !!! Nothing else, just the identifier.

    2. Include high quality pictures like the ones below.

    3. Include any clothing or ideas you would like incorporated

  4. Sit back and wait for Babylon to be released.

  5. We will post updates to our page and to the telegram when we can.





There are 750 Forerunner tokens available in total. There will not be any more after they are gone.

The first 100 forerunner avatars will cost 300XRD each.

The 101st avatar and later will cost 400XRD each.

We will update with the progress (manually) on the sale so that everyone knows the current price.


Currently sold: 7/750

Current price: 300XRD 






Payment Address





Telegram Group and Twitter

Telegram: https://t.me/RadixForerunneAvatars

Twitter: @Forerunners_xrd